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Storage technology solutions

Our company is working in the storage solution market, both in Hungary and abroad. Storage technologies can involve many different things, but the first thing what comes to our mind in connection with it, the well-structured shelving.

When we talk about storage technologies, the key word is the transparent and obvious racking, in connection with any products. For example the proper equipment to store  pile materials is the arm stand, for archives, libraries and packet goods the best is the fixed shelving stand system.  If pallets needed to store, our offer is the  pallet serial stand system. And if your aim is to store the largest possible amount of goods, we suggest you the rolling stand system. 

As you can see, we can offer many different solution in shelving and stand systems, everything depends on the goods to be stored, and the available room you have.

Please check our products, we supply various types of stand systems (pallet stand system, shelving, arm stand, gallery-, drive-in-, rolling stand system, MH storage box. 

Our company has many years of experience in the field of storage systems. Our philosophy is based on quality and reliability. We would like to gain and retain the confidence of our customers by  offering friendly prices and short delivery time.

Our company also works in other activities, including construction, demolition, removal, free on-site survey, and design. 


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